Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paisli 1yr stats

Paisli had her 1yr appt today. She is very healthy and growing very well, finally! She is anemic and has to be on some iron supplements, but should be fine. She is right where she should be on all of her development, except eating. She doesn't like anything with texture/chunks. We have to work on that, especially in the meat department. What do you do to get your children to eat meat, if they don't like chunks? or meat? haha! She has two teeth on bottom and one on the rt top, the other one next to it is coming, slowly but surely! We are late bloomers in the teeth dept!
Here are her stats: Length 30 in-  90% (she shot right up! But I'm going to re-measure her, the nurse wasn't paying attention very well and I'm curious!), Weight 19.9oz-  25% (finally gaining), Head circ 48.4cm- 95% (haha heed! All of my kids have large noggins!) She had to get 5 shots and I felt so bad, but we want this little gal to stay as healthy as can be!

I wanted to compare the boys 1yr stats to hers, so Bingham first: Length 32in- off the charts, weight 24.10oz 75%, head 51.1cm- off charts!
And Boen: Length 31in- off charts, (I cannot seem to find the rest of Boen's stats, I'll look and post later for my records.)


April said...

oh yay Pais! Getting tall like her brothers
As far as meat? Well, you know Ruby is a vegetarian except for hotdogs and chicken nuggets! Does she actually need meat or just protein? Try peanut butter, cottage cheese, string cheese, turkey dogs, even almond milk has protein. so cute to see all the kids at 1, they all have a similar look.

Amy said...

she has to have the meat. she specifically said get her the drops and you have to work meat into her diet (iron)!!!