Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paisli May my 1 year old!

We always start birthdays with opening presents. Its harder now that Bingham is in school. We had to get him ready then get Paisli up a little earlier than normal so he could watch her!

Paisli laying on her new unicorn pillow pet!

Paisli feeding her new baby with her new bottles, like the kind I had when I was little with the disappearing juice/milk!

She got this new high~chair for her babies. It is the cutest little vintage pink metal high chair, from the Land of Nod!

She got this stroller and the baby Rapunzel. I had never seen the baby Rapunzel just the other Princess babies with plastic hair, but of course Rapunzel had to have lots of hair. She is just as soft and small as the others tho. Paisli is obsessed with her, and loves to comb her hair. She also got that little umbrella stroller.

She got this cute bday cake, that is so fun to play with. and a leapfrog animal fridge thingy!

Feeding her baby!

I made this garland of Paisli from newborn to 1yr pics! It was fun to see how she has changed!

Newborn, 1wk, 1mo, 2mo, etc...

and backwards: 1yr, 11mo 10mp, 9mo, 8mo, etc...

This is garland I made for decoration for her party, Theme Sugar and Spice which is perfect for a 1yr old. She is sweet like sugar but has so much spice too! And at 1yr, they get their first taste of sugar! We did a little photoshoot for her invite and I decided to put a couple of the pics up too! The window usually hangs in her room with her blessing dress over it, but it matched perfectly!

For this garland I just cut about an inch of fabric then ripped the rest. I then, tyed the ends to some yarn! I am going to make it into a skirt now for Paisli! I love the fabrics and don't want them to go to waste!

I found a tutorial on make homemade crowns and thought I can do that! But after reading the instructions I decided to do it my own way! Their way was too complicated and would cost twice as much! I just bought some lace, then cut it down to the size I wanted, spray painted both sides silver, then let it dry over night. It was stiff, but still bendable. I was going to sew the edges together but ran out of time. I just taped it but plan on sewing it later. I love how it turned out!

I bought these cute paper straws at Zurchers!

We had lots of different types of sugary goodies!


Here is miss Paisli with her loot from us! I went a little crazy. She got some clothes for her baby Stella, food too! She got those cute cowboy boots from the gap with the cutest outfit, I cannot wait until she grows into it! I also got her a few more outfits and some for her dolls too!

Can't believe she is 1!

I shot of the table of Sugar and Spice! Spicey and sugary candies! Some fruit and hte cutest "1" cake that my mom made!!!

Paisli with her sugar!

The Holli Cake!

More sugary goodness!
I made the yummiest homemade icecream. All you do is get your fav kind of pop (2liters),we used strawberry kiwi shasta, and mix it with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Put it in your icecream maker and walla! So good! So easy!

Its hard for me to have a winter baby, I am used to the summer bday parties. I had a lot of adjustments to make, cut the amt of people down by almost 1/2, bring my outdoor lights in, plan for a big inside mess, and food that won't stain. I made White Chilli (my friend gave me the recipe, I have tweeked it just a bit to my family's liking. I made two crockpots full and it was delish!)
Here is the recipe: 30oz of chicken broth, 4 cans of green chillis (did two hot, two mild), 3 cans of Great Northern Beans, 1 Lg Onion diced, 1pkg sweet white corn (add 1hr before its done cooking), 5 boneless chicken breasts, 1tsp garlic salt, 1 tsp ground cumin, 1tsp cumin seed, and a few shakes of white pepper! Throw all in crockpot. Cook in crockpot for 8hrs. shred up the chicken with two forks. serve with tortilla chips, mozzerella cheese, salsa (made by Grammy), cilantro, and sour cream. So good!
I'm just glad the weather was nice this year. We had a great turn out. Paisli's great grandparents Call and Dogu, GG and we missed G-ma Ruby! I am going to have to visit her this week w/ Paisli. My parents, brody's parents, my sister April and her family, Brody's sisters' Cassi and Nicole and Derrik, We missed Jon, Trent who could only come for a minute, Angie Scott Brighton and Cheznie, and my sister Sammy, Erik and Violet, and of course Uncle Jeff who has never met her, but comes home in less than two weeks! Paisli invited her 3 best friends; Aybrie Oliver and her family, Irie Boss and her family, and her boyfriend, Crew and his family! I had a hard time deciding who to invite, but went with the friends who had babies her age, that she loves!

Ruby had to get Paisli a little mini kitty. She had to tell her all about it, so funny!

the kitty! Paisli with Grammy

Aybrie and Crew kissing, how rude! Paisli was supposed to marry him! It was cute tho!

Grandma and pa Dogu with Paisli!

Paisli with Grammy and Papa! They gave her the cutest little outfit and the little people happy sounds house! SHe loves it!

Paisli snuggling Papa!


Daddy sneaking in a few kisses! I am so sad, once again, I didn't get a picture with her, and didn't get pics of her with everyone!

Ruby and Paisli

Birthday Girl!

GG and I found the cutest shoes on See Kai Run! love their shoes, and they were on sale! GG gave them to her and they are a little big, size 3, she has bitty feeties! But she'll grow into them!

Trying them out! They are so good for walking!

Opening another present from GG, her kitty shirt!

Finny taking a break from lightning McQueen, to eat his lolly!

Pailsi with her crown I made her!

She clapped as we sang to her!

She was so worried about her crown!

First taste, she was so dainty about the whole thing!

She didn't like to get dirty!

I finally forced her hand into the cake and it got a little more on it! But she was kind of upset at me!

She kept curling her little toes!

She began spitting and gagging so we cleaned her up in the sink before she threw-up!

Cute teaset from Grandma and Grandpa Great (Call)

Paisli and her friends opening presents!

Paisli's new love, Targhee! with the cute piggy bank Aybrie gave her!

Irie and Brody! She is the chubbiest little cutie!

I wanted to show the lights in the livingroom!
So glad to have this little blessing in our home. After three months in preterm labor she was and is so worth the pain and bordem and stress I/we went through to get her here! She is so bitty, compared to the boys, its fun for me! And I love her big personality! She is so fun to have around, I just wish time would slow down a bit! I will post about her 1yr stats next wk when we get to the dr.


Sammy said...

Oh I'm SO sad i couldn't make it to that PARTY! And to kiss that sweet birthday girl, oh my GOSH! she's ONE!?!?!? i can't believe it, she's still a little baby! so crazy. i can't wait to see her and to give her her present she's going to LOVE IT! yay happy birthday sweet pais, the party looks like it was amazing! soooo cute, every bit of it

Ben and Camille said...

so cute! way to go. happy birthday paisley!

Jessica said...

Adorable! Everything, your decor, pictures and of course your little Paisley! What a fun first birthday!

April said...

seriously so cute! Put all my birthday parties to shame! she was so cute with her crown on and daintily eating her cake. Love that girly! happy birthday sweet and spicy Paisli!

Skye said...

Everything turned out so cute, especially that little crown.