Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A little catching up to do!

My little blog here is getting left in the dust! I really enjoy going back and reading and looking at the past posts. I need to keep it up and do this for my family! I am going to try and post at least once a week and here is a little catching up!

We took a little winter wonderland trip up to bear lake to enjoy the hot tub, sled, relax, play games, and hang with our friends, the Blodgetts. Its always fun to go to Bear Lake, and we love it up there in the winter.

Paisli, Annell, Lucy and Charlie enjoying the hot tub! I didn't get in this time, because Boen had burned his leg on the radiator and I knew he would not love the heat long! and I was right!

So, Annell was nice enough to help with Paisli!

Bingham is a little fishy!

Sam, the Blodgett's oldest!

Andy holding George (Ryan)

Andy, George, Jack, and Sam
They would play who could lay in the icey snow the longest, then jump in the hot tub! It was hilarious!

Lucy, Annell and Charlie

Bingham, Brody and he is holding the injured Boen. haha he wanted to swim so badly! It was pretty cute!
Anyway, of course I didn't get many pictures, but I vow to try harder!
More catching up to come!


Sammy said...

Is bo asleep!? Oh my gosh he kills me! that looks like a blast, so much fun, i miss going up to bear lake, thats so fun that blodgetts went with you, so fun to have such good friends! and yes, keep up the blogging so i can see the kiddos!!!

Heather said...

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