Monday, April 2, 2012

Valentines 2012

Here is my bugga bug lovva love on Valentines! He loved what he got for Valentines! I am finally getting to one of my favorite days of the year. I love that there is a day devoted to Love! I am glad that I have a lover and three little Lova's to share it with!

Here is my oldest lova! He is so handsome and all the girls want to marry him, I was just informed today about that. I ate lunch with him and I made the girls jealous! haha! Check out the loot Bingham got from Cupid and his mommy and daddy...

Here is what Miss Paisli my littlest lova got! She loved it all of course!

I only dressed her halfway because she was getting a love shirt for Vday!

showing off her mailbox!

Doing a boogie in her new love shirt! I saw it and couldn't resist! I love her in it too! She got a lot of lovin' in this little shirt, we told her if she wore it we wouldn't be able to stop kissin and huggin on her!


Here is the valentine Paisli gave out! Her lovely feet in the shape of a heart that says, "from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes." Love Paisli May 1yr (I always put their age on things so I know how old she was when we made them.)

Bingham and I had fun creating his valentines, nothing too mushy...

Love is a battlefield!

Boen has a lot of crushes and crushies so we made some valentines for him to hand out as well!

Valentine you make my heart bounce!

And Brody gave me roses and I a big long vintage wooden bench. I love it and will have to post pics very soon! I made a homemade dinner and we had a date night picnic after the kiddos were asleep! So fun! Hope you had a special lovers day! xxoo

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