Wednesday, June 20, 2012

2nd Round of Swim Lessons

My kids couldn't get enough of swim lessons this year. So we went a second round, this time at OHS. I was not very impressed, but if I wasn't comparing it to WSU it probably would have been better. Bingham can't get enough of the the diving board!

Waiting after his jump, so I could get a picture!

Boen just swimming around like a fishy!

He was definitely the youngest in his class and smallest, so he got lots of extra attention, which he hates *note the sarcasm*

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Sammy said...

keep these posts coming!!! it makes me feel like i've seen them, edven though i haven't since february! crazy that was forever ago, so sad!!! We will hopefully see you in july... we WILL I WILL make i happen! Thanks for your nice comment! you are the best! Miss you guys, give those kiddos loves for me