Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Bingham is in the Ogden Track Club. He really looks forward to running twice a week with his friends. We were pretty crazy busy when he first started. We'd go straight from swimming to track in the evenings after school. Then half way through track season, we switched to morning lessons and went straight from morning swimming to track. Then straight to park recreation. So, busy, but so fun!

Bingham competed in his first track meet this past week. He loved it. He is one of the biggest in his age category (6-8yrs), yet he is not even 6yrs old yet. I was proud that he would compete as a 5yr old!

Here they go in his first race the 50meter dash. His best buddy, George Ryan, is the one on the left, right next to him. I think he wanted to be in the same lane, haha! 

Bingham has such a long body and long strides, if he sticks with this he could be really good!

So determined!

I love George's face in this one. He had to make sure he went faster than the boy to his right! haha!

And look at Bingham in the background. Who smiles when they run? Silly boy!

There is a picture of his stride! I wanted to document it! Each year I'll have to compare!

At this age he is too young to compete officially, but its good practice until he reaches the ripe old age of 9!

Here he is dead last, but wait he realizes he is loosing and speeds up a bit!

Gaining on them...

And he tied George for last! Or maybe he won by an outreached arm! hehe!

Now here they are at the 100 meter dash. Its way far for such little guys! They impressed me by not giving up tho!

He had a good start this time!

I love this shot, he isn't even touching the ground! I want to blow it up and frame it!

I guess flying wasn't faster...

Anyway, for this race he came in second to last! That's my boy, just getting better every time!

This picture is from my phone. I just wanted to get a pic of practice! 

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