Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Boen gets another surgery

My sweet Boen had a rough time sleeping. He would snore so loudly and then completely stop breathing for up to 17sec is the longest I counted. But we always wondered if he'd make it through the night. Literally!!!

So, I had him checked by his Dr. and the first thing she checked, were his tonsils. And sent us straight to an ENT to have them further evaluated. He said that Boen needed his tonsils out for sure. They were so large!!! And causing his sleep apnea and made him wake up upwards of 10x's per night. It was a complete nightmare, for all of us. He slept in our bed most nights because it was just easier to keep an eye on him. He also slept on and off all day long. At least 5 hours per day. He didn't eat much, had lost 3lbs in 10months, and seemed just a bit too touchy! We knew this was going to help us! So, we took him to the hospital mid April where he had them removed. It was so sad, but necessary.

We took him to Brigham City Regional Hospital. The nurses and staff were wonderful, I would for sure go there again! They gave him some little toys, workbooks, and a new blankie that he got to choose. 

Of course he took the ugliest one, but he loved those circus monkeys! haha!

They gave him some laughing juice and he was so funny, gurgling his throat/words, and singing to the nurses! He was so thirsty because he couldn't have anything after midnight! Luckily, he got to be the first patient, since he was the youngest.

He chose blue for his wound wrap!

Here Boen is just before surgery! I was a little teary, its scary sending your baby back for surgery!
After the surgery he was pretty sad, crying for me and just dazed and confused. I layed with him until the Dr. came to talk with us. He told us that Boen's tonsils were the BIGGEST he had ever seen in all his years of practice doing a few surgeries per day. No wonder he couldn't breath. Then the Dr. told us that Boen's adnoids were so big that they started to grow up into his nostrils. Needless to say he sounds so different when he talks now. We had quite a rough week. He did pretty good the first day. But that night was rough. He cried a lot and need meds around the clock to keep him stable. He also requested slurpees and Alvin and the Chipmonks, Chipwrecked around the clock! Literally I have it memorized! He stayed down for 7 days. I was getting worried, but on day 8 he seemed much better and even slept in his own bed!
Almost 2 months later, he is a much happier boy, he sleeps all night long doesn't need 3 naps a day, and breaths wonderfully! It was a great problem solver for Boen! He is new and improved!!! 

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