Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paisli-15months on April 25th 2012

This was while watching the boys at WSU swim lessons. She really perfected her walking while waiting on the boys! She'd walk to that wall and back, it was fun for her to do it on her own time! So, she perfected walking at 15months. But she started at about 12months, but preferred to crawl, or be held! Paisli also spends a lot of time playing with her babies. As you can see above, she loves to feed them and love them as a little mommy should! She says: Mama, Dada, Baba, Ba (bye, in her southern accent), Beeee (Bing), Bo (Boen), Baa (bath), papa (poopoo), Papa (my dad), Me (Grammy, my mom), dah (dog), mostly ma da ba uh bu, etc... for if she needs something! But she signs thank you, and more. I have taught her more, but those are what she uses most!

Just had to through in this pic of us at swim lessons. I know I look scary, but i wanted to remember this day!

Paisli feeding her baby again!
At her 15mo check up she weighed 20 lbs and was in the 20% for weight and 75% height. And everything else looked good!

Paisli loves to shop! One day after dinner, while I was cleaning up, she was playing with my drawer of grocery sacks, like usual. All of a sudden, I heard her yelling Baahhh! (bye in a Southern accent). I came around the corner to look and she had two sack over her shoulder, Brody's glasses and was standing at the door trying to leave. She is so funny! Always needs sunglasses and a purse everywhere she goes. One day she had a ribbon strung over her forearm, saying, "Baahhh!" It really is so funny to hear her accent! haha!

Earlier this week (about 16wks old) Paisli had her first piggy tails. They didn't last long, when she gets in the carseat, she rubs her head til they fall out! She looks like my niece Violet, from the back! :)

Here is Paisli in her bikini! Her hernia in her belly button hasn't gone away, isn't it funny?

She is so spoiled and points her finger at the boys and says no! She still throws up at least once a week, hopefully that stops soon, so sick of changing bed sheets and cleaning all the crevis' in her crib! She still has a bottle, and eats mostly baby food. I try and let her eat some of my meals, but she only has 6 teeth still. Toofless!

Her favorite place, no matter how cold the water is! Don't ya love her wedgie?

No more pics mom!
Just a few more things about my Princess. She dances to all music and sings too. She sings, Ya ya ya and la la la, she holds out the note and stays on tune. She loves to play piano and dances and sings while she plays! I need to get it all on video cause its to die for! 

catching her balance!

Just had to throw in a pic of the boys jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers! Having the greatest time!

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