Monday, June 11, 2012

My Little Fishies

Boen loves to swim. Since swim lessons last year, he hasn't stopped asking when he could go again, every time we pass Weber State!

Bingham really enjoys swimming as well.
He certainly has the body for it. He is tall, has a long body and really long arms.

It was great this time around he had the one on one teachings of Uncle Bob! Four weeks of one on one surely helped him to excel!

Boen really learned a lot this time around as well! He is a little fishy!

The hardest thing for Boen to do, was to wait for his turn!

Up down up down up down!

Boen, so sad that its all over!

Here are a few from my camera phone from up above!

Boen in the locker room, waiting on Bingham to be through.

I couldn't get them into the next session and we had such a busy schedule that I got them into the 9AM class at OHS this month. I am not as impressed by them, but they are high school students after all. I just really recommend WSU swim first and foremost. I will be repeating with them soon! We are hoping to get Bingham on the kids local swim team when he is 6yrs old! So, fun!!! Watch for him in the Olympics 2024!!! The next Micheal Phelps... And Boen will be there shortly after!

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