Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zoo Fieldtrip

Sorry about the quality of this pic, she started to fall so I went to grab her, hence the fuzziness! We got to go to the kindergarten zoo fieldtrip at the Hogle Zoo. I was a little nervous doing it on my own with 3 kids, but they were the best they had ever been! I was delighted and surprised! It was a nice day, pretty hot but overcast. We started by the giraffes and they were pretty cool to Paisli!

Bingham and Boen broke into their lunches as soon as we entered the zoo.
So we ate with the giraffes!

Of course we had to ride the merry-go-round! Its so darling and the kids loved it!

Okay, well, maybe not Paisli! She got nervous as it went up and down!

Bingham loved it and loved showing off his little brother and sister to his school pals!

don't ya love her leopard shirt? Very fitting for the zoo!

not lovin' the ride!

the boys with the rhino! as Boen says it Rhino-saurus (just like you would if it were a dinosaur!)

The baby elephant.

My kindergartener!

more of the baby elephant

my kiddos with the gorilla!

ape arms

Bingham was even making an ape noise

I wasn't quick enough, but Paisli put her arms right out!

Paisli ticked off!

Paisli about to beat Boen up!

The tigers are my favorite, maybe because I was an Ogden High Tiger for four years?!

Measuring up to the gorilla, pretty darn close! I always have said we have monkey long arms!

Paisli was really close!

She is making a monkey sound!

ooo ooo ooo ah ah ah

Now she's so proud of herself!

We rode the train.

And they didn't want to get off.

And, what's a trip to the Hogle Zoo, without drink from the lion mouth?

This is our favorite part, the bird show. If you haven't seen it, do! The kids have seen it three times now and sit through the entire thing! We even had to buy matching birds as our souvenir!

Another pic from the bird show! Can't wait for the polar bear attraction, its open now, we just need to find time to get down there!

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Erik said...

these pictures make me want to cry! oh m y gosh they are SO big and SO CUTE! i can't get enough of them, keep up the posts! loving seeing them. i love going to the zoo! maybe we should go when we are in town in july... might be too hot, but yay so cute and fun.
and the pictures of paisli in your next post down are to die for! oh my gosh she's so pretty and so naughty! ha ha so cute, LOVE her hair. so glad vi has a red head cousin:) can't wait to see her again in july!