Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Hollywood Themed 2012

My friend, Annell and I, signed up for Teacher Appreciation Week this year. We were the heads of it and I think went a little overboard. But I'm not sure how to do it any less. So, we had a few meetings together and talked over the phone and cam up with a theme of Hollywood. But as an opening we wanted a huge present. Our teachers do so much for our school and children, we wanted to honor them appropriately! We started with redoing the teachers lounge. Polk Elementary is a very very very old school. I have this problem, that I think everything needs to be decorated. After seeing their lounge it became a must! We had a date night with our hubbies, thanks boys! And painted the walls this beautiful grayish blue. It looks more gray in person. We did a deep down clean and got rid of a lot of junk in the cupboards and organized as well. We had a fun shopping day where we bought a new microwave, a new rug, some hand towels, and a few other decorations. Andy, Annell's husband, made the pictures you can see above. They are storybooks. He even made the frames. I made the book wreath. 

Andy also made this Polk artwork! It looks wonderful! They had nothing on the walls so it was fun to give this to them.

Oh wait, they did have that lovely story book picture, but its an award so we put it back up! We added the flowers tho!

Here is the darling rug from Pier 1! We would have loved to do much more, but we only had $400 to work with! We made that money stretched and donated some things as well as had some other parents donate what they could! 

Here was the gift the teachers received on Weds. It went with the Hollywood theme wonderfully! We did Chinese food for lunch, kind of a Chinese theater/walk of fame thing. I'll quickly give a run down of the week. Monday-they came in on a red carpet where we had a paparazzi, and all the kids lining the red carpet and the principal announcing them as they walked in. They ended up in the teacher's lounge where they were all teary eyed and so happy! They all had stars on their doors, like a Hollywood dressing room. We had the teacher's lounge stocked with plastic plates, silverware, new soap, a scentsy, fruit, and other treats. Tuesday-they got notepads donated by Stone Mountain Press (go HERE to see their site). Wednesday-they had their lunch and the treat above. Thursday-they got homemade cupcakes made by me, and my helpers. And Friday were the AWARDS. They were to get the Golden Apple Award and an award the the children came up with themselves. It all came together so nicely, it was hard work, but so worth it! WE love our teachers at Polk!

The cupcake for Thursday's gift!

We would have like Golden Delicious apples but they weren't as cheap and readily available!

Students lining the red carpet!

Bingham, George, a boy I don't know, and Jack!

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