Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grammy Wins the Huntsman Award

My wonderful Grammy, Phyllis Savage, was awarded the Huntsman Volunteer Award about a month ago. Its a very prestigious award and she deserves it out of anyone I have ever heard of or known! This is Mrs. Huntsman telling about the award. Grammy still doesn't quite get it. A bunch of our family and her closest friends that live near came to be apart of her big day. 

She has volunteered thousands upon thousands of hours working with children in the Ogden City School District. She is 81yrs old and works and acts like a 30yr old!

Mrs. JM is telling her congrats in this picture.

She still doesn't even know we are here at this point. She is just thanking the children for all that they do. 

She finally shed a few tears. She was trying her hardest not to cry. She was in shock, she won some mullah that was well deserved!!! And that she needs!

One of the many students that came up to congratulate her. 

Grammy and Mrs. Huntsman

Here she is scolding us for not telling her. She would have liked a heads up so she could have dressed the way she wanted! haha!

Here I am with Paisli, Grammy, my bro Jeff, sis April, mom Holli! We were sad my little sis Sammy could be there and my dad had to get back to work. Also, our hubbies were stuck at work! I just have to say if you don't know my Grammy you are missing out. She is AMAZING!!! She is the most selfless person in the  world. She provides so much for everyone she knows. She has been through more heartache in losing her son at the age of 4 to Leukemia, losing her husband, losing her mother to breast cancer, and most of her aunts and uncles to cancer, as well as her sister to breast cancer. You would never know, she always has a smile and loses herself in service! WE love you Grammy GG and you deserve every bit of this award and much much more!!!

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Sammy said...

i'm leaving one comment for all your posts! Love those little fishies, wish i could do lessons with vi! next year for sure :) they are SO big! it's crazy. love pictures from bing's kindergarten grad. wow! he's SO BIG makes me miss him so much he is such a stud! Love that boy!
love all the things you did for teacher appreciation, SO DARLING! way to go!
and love the pictures from gg's award, so sad i wasn't able to be there to see it, looks like it was so awesome!