Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bingham's 6!

This year for Bingham's 6th bday party he chose to have a drive-in movie night! He chose to watch Treasure Buddies, even though they didn't see much of the movie! They were having way too much fun! This is the cute Treasure Buddy cake my mom made! With my camera still broken I took a few pictures with my phone and a few with Megan's (which I don't have yet, but I'll add them when I do).

My cute boy, can't believe he is 6 yrs already. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday he was born and it was the best and worst day of our lives, but it all worked out and he is such a good kid!

So, for the party we started with picking a box to decorate as a car for the movie. I wrapped boxes with colored paper and finally found the perfect way to make license plates! I bought foam craft paper with a sticky back cut our frames for them with the darker colors. The kids wrote their names and added the foam stickers to embellish the cars! It was a fun little activity! Then they played while eveyone finished up! Here is a picture with Boen in his car and Paisli sneaking her way into it!

This looked much cuter in person. I took poster board and outdoor lights punched holes in the poster screwed in the lights wrote, plugged it in, and walla a cheap movie sign!

Here is the movie, the pics didn't turn out great but it was so fun! We hung a sheet on the treehouse and used the projector. We put out some blankets if they got tired of sitting in their cars.

They each got a bag of popcorn and a bag of assorted candy and a mini shasta (thanks April for the idea).

They had a great time and it was such an easy party that was also cute!

We gave Bingham 6 presents for his 6th bday! He was pretty stoked!

Seriously, what 6yr old is this cute, and big! haha!

Bingham showing off his new presents! His darling outfit, Boen in the background wearing Bing's new sweatshirt! He got a new Lite Bright (remember those?) its new and improved! He got a lego game, a water balloon launcher, real walkie talkies (those were the favorite, and some clothes! I hate giving him clothes, cause he surely doesn't care about them, but he needs them, I cannot keep up with him! He is now in a size 8 in shirts and pants, and his toes are pushing the ends in his size 2 shoes! I love his long hair, even though most people give him a hard time with it! He just has great hair, why cut it off?

He had a great bday this year, we even got to go to Bear Lake on Sunday July 1st (His actual bday) to celebrate with the Call side. I made indigo cupcakes (his request cause its his favorite color), and he got some more gifts up there! Spoiled little man! We sure love him though and are so grateful he turned out so healthy!

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