Thursday, July 5, 2012

New babies!

Meet my new niece, Elsie Sue Oberg. She came into our lives on June 5th, but born in Colorado. It was so hard to not see her for almost a month. But I have gotten to spend a few days with her lately and have definitely taken advantage! She is such a doll and I thank Sammy for sharing with me! I gave her that little dress she is wearing! I just love it! And I love her! She looks just like Sammy as a baby and not a lot like Violet her older sister! I love my little nieces! More pictures to come!

Meet my new nephew, Mr. Cohen Scott Nielsen. He came into our lives June 11th, one week later. He is such a doll and was also born out of State. Why? I hate that they have to live so far away! He is also here visiting Utah and so I have been able to spend time with this little dude too! He is so darling and look at all that hair! I seriously love him so much! I think he looks like his Daddy! But we'll see, they change so much in those first couple of weeks! Thanks for bringing him to me, Angie! More pics to come as well!

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