Thursday, July 5, 2012


We went to stake Lagoon day this year. It was such a fun day. I didn't take my camera because it was on the fritz! So I only have a few pictures to share. We sure had a fun time tho. The boys took Pais on the rockets and she loved it!

Here Paisli is all by herself on the animal ride!

She refused to look at me for a picture!

She finally looked before her second go around. But once it started she layed back and ignored me!

Ruby wanted to ride the dragon! She  is so funny!

And Boen got to ride the elephant! You can see Bingham in the back riding in a dragon with Paisli! 
The boys are so brave! Boen cried every time he was too small to ride something. And Bingham couldn't get enough of the adult rides. His favorite was Wicked! He has no fear! And as for sis, she was sad when she was too small as well! I guess they take after their mom!

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