Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paisli May 17mo

My sweet Paisli May is 17mo old! I cannot believe it! She is getting so old and is so independent, it makes me sad! She can surely throw a tantrum and scream at the top of her lungs, just like they warned me little girls do. But she is also so sweet and so fun to have around. She still throws up lots. She'll throw up every night and maybe a few times during the day lasting about two weeks. Then, it disappears for a few weeks, before returning with a vengeance! We have had her liver tested and looks pretty normal now. We have tested her for allergies and they are negative. We think she could have cyclic vomiting like her cousin Hudson. Either way, I just want to get it figured out for the poor girl! She loves baby dolls and now the real thing with her two new cousins, Elsie and Cohen! She wears a size 12mo in clothes but I am now buying 18-24mo so they can last her a little longer. She weighs 20lbs and wears a size 4 in shoes. She loves to push her stroller around more than anything. She says, "Papa, Mama, Dada (even tho she usually call Brody, Mama), Gampa, Gamma, Je (Jeff), Ba (ball or baba), baybay (baby), mmmm (food), BEEEEEE (Bing), Booooo (Boen), for dog she just barks, and a few more words. She loves to be independent, yet loves to be held! She signs more and thank you! She is such a joy in our life, we love our baby girl!!!

during one of her tantrums!

sporting her darling outfit

wants me to hold her

taking one of many baths she has every day, she gets dirty and throws up too much!

Paisli loves to sweep and help clean. It cracks me up, she is soooo opposite of the boys!

she loves bling, but she is made at me for taking her picture!

She sure has beautiful blues!

I saw this outfit and these shoes and couldn't resist!

Here is Paisli at Bing's baseball game just chillin' in her new chair sipping her water!

She always laughs at herself, she thinks she's so funny!

Clapping like everyone else!

My little sweet heart stop growing up so fast, please!

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