Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bingham is 6yrs old!

This guy is 6years old! Boy does time fly! He is so huge, I cannot believe it!
It has been a wild 6yrs with this kid. Bingham was born via emergency c/s after trying to use the forceps to get him out. He stayed in the NICU for a week. Then he had a bad first year in and out of primary children's with one thing after the other, all due to his bad delivery. He has been extremely healthy ever since, minus the one seizure he had 3 years ago about this time of year. He is such a smart boy and always has been. He love any kind of video game or puzzle or game.

Bingham is so handsome, he has beautiful thick blonde hair that we recently cut from a long below the ear length, to this new long on top short on sides cut!

He still hasn't lost any of his baby teeth and doesn't even have a loose tooth. Which, of course is okay by me. He is a happy kid as long as he is kept busy. He doesn't like waiting or getting board. He knows EVERYTHING, or at least thinks he does! Bingham is a lover, and loves his friends, brother Boen, and sister Paisli. He is such a big helper to his mom.

His favorite color is indigo. Yep, that's what he has said for years, indigo! He cannot wait for 1st grade and getting to learn again. He loves to read and do math. 

He has one eye blue and one eye green. He is  51 1/2" tall and 58lbs. He is by far the tallest of all of his friends and most of the kids that are a year or two older. The Dr. told us he would easily be 6'5" and that he is already they size of an 8yr and 2month old, just 2years and 1month ahead of the average 6yr old! He has mega muscles already. And his feet are a massive size 2, but I think I better by him 2 1/2s for school. He loves to jump on the tramp, run track, play baseball and soccer, and swim! He love to travel to California to visit his cousin and go to Disneyland. He also loves Bear Lake. Bingham is a great fisherman and hopes to start hunting soon with his dad! His favorite food is a nice big cheese burger and chocolate milk. He can eat me under the table any day. 

Isn't he a sweety? Love you so much my first love (first born). I always tell him I loved him first, when he asks who I love most out of the kids! xxoo My miracle baby!

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Sammy said...

oh he is such a stud!!! LOVE this boy, I miss him so much he was SO cute and sweet with violet when we came to play that day. Seriously, he's a heartbreaker! love him give him kisses for me! Can't believe he's 6