Friday, August 17, 2012

Mr. Boen is 4 yrs old!

My Mr. Boen! He is such a character. He is ALL boy! He does not stop all day, then crashes into his bed! This boy is so funny, you'll be able to witness it through these 4yr old pictures.

We were so happy when we found out we were having another boy, Boen has been such a joy in our lives. I had a c/s with him as well, but it went so smoothly and I recovered much quicker than the first time. He has been a very healthy and happy child. He reminds me so much of my brother, in his looks and in his actions. He is a wild child! He also looks so much like his Daddy! 

Boen keeps us on our toes, peeing anywhere outside that he pleases, putting our new kitten in the fridge and dropping her over the railing down the stairs. He loves to make messes and push the limits. But he is also easily entertained by himself. He spends a long time everyday drawing pictures, mostly of Halloween and creepy things. It cracks me up! He is the first to hug me when I'm sad or hurt. He always wants to cuddle and snuggle at bed time. He loves to kiss all of us, HARD! haha!

Boen is 44inches tall, and 42lbs. The Dr. told us he is the size of a 5yr and 2month old! haha off the charts! After his tonsillectomy he has put on some major poundage 8lbs in 3months and has grown an inch or two! He is taller than all of the boys his age that are all at least 4 months older than him. He has beautiful brown thick thick thick hair! Beautiful and green-blue puppy dog eyes!

So full of energy! At the Dr. he was doing the eye test. When they pointed to the moon he said, "banana." haha and then they pointed to a flag with 3 stripes and he said, "scrapes." he kills me!

He also has vampire teeth. He love to show them to us and play up on the creepy things!

Boen love love loves his kitten, Gidget. He cannot go two minutes without mauling the poor kitty. 

Even tho you are a goof ball!

Its that smile that keeps us coming back for more! Boen's favorite color is blue. His favorite food is chicken nuggets and broccoli. He love his chocolate milk as well.

What will this new year bring in your new preschool at Weber State? It will be fun and a new adventure that we are always up for! Loves!! xxoo

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