Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Haunting

My little Halloween cat! We were on our way to the ward Halloween Party!

This little kitty loves to play the harmonica!

A couple of weeks ago we went with my family to Day Farm out in West Layton. For $5/person you get a hay ride and to pick a pumpkin of your choice! And its a pretty long ride, and large pumpkins! It was so fun! Paisli loves her Papa!

She also loves Uncle Jeff!

Apparently, the kids thought the workers at Day Farms were funny!

Boen loves anything creepy, and this witch was just that!

Here is Boen the Spider headed to the Ward Halloween Party! 
It was such a fun time, lots of games and treats!

Boen, extremely excited to go on the hayride!

Paisli found her pumpkin right away. She chose a small one, just like her!

Scary little spider!

Bingham makes a pretty cute Skeleton, don't you think?

Boen found his pumpkin too, then decided it made a great seat!

 My cute Skeleton who has two missing teeth, which went well with his costume!

Bingham's costume even glows, which is pretty awesome!

Brody and Bingham found their huge pumpkins!

Hudson could barely carry his back to the truck!

Cute couple of the year! Jeff and my future sister in law Megan! She is so fun and we love this girl so much!

My family 

April Trent Hudson Ruby and Finn, baby boy coming soon! 

My parents, Grammy and Papa with Miss Paisli on the hayride!

 We decided it was such a good price and such a fun ride it will now be our new Halloween tradition!

Halloween Cat, Halloween Cat, Why do you meow and meow like that!
Neither I nore the moon, like your tune!
So, scat! Halloween Cat!


Sammy said...

paisli is so pretty! oh my gosh, those last 2 pictures are so darling i love her! her hair is so pretty, i miss all those kiddos, love boen and bing's costumes! so cute, wish we were there for halloween!

Skye said...

Your kids are soo beautiful!