Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bingham's last Primary Talk of 2012

My sweet children love to volunteer to give talks in Primary. It is important to me to let them have a part in writing their talks. Bingham and I sat down and came up with idea on how he could choose to be a Missionary now. Here is what we came up with, feel free to use this and make it personal to your child!

To My Father-in-Heaven;
I have some friends at school,
That don’t believe in You,
I wish I could let them know,
What I believe is true.

I can show them in how I live my life,
And how I choose the right.
I can tell them how families are forever,
And how I pray to You each night.

I can invite them to my baptism,
In two years, when I turn eight.
And invite them to our Family night,
Where they would think we’re great!

I want to serve a Mission,
But it’s so far from now.
I will start with my friends at school,
Why wait? When I am ready now?

*Bingham 6yrs*

I am going to have him where his pin that says, "Future Missionary." He will also be wearing a white shirt, tie, dark pants, and his hair parted. I want him to look the part! I am also going to have him hold up a picture of him with some of his school friends.


Sammy said...

that is SO SWEET! I love it, love that you share their talks on here so you can always have them and share them! so sweet

Alicia Biedermann said...

this is the cutest thing ever! it is sunday, 10 am and i just got a text asking if my son could give a talk on this exact topic! i am scrambling going through friends articles and scriptures for my 5 year old to get prepared to give his talk in an hour...then i googled and found this. i am going to have him use and print it out onto a little book mark for the primary kids. thank you so much for posting and allowing it to be used! happy sabbath!