Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow Fun!

It snowed this morning and it was quite the surprise being October still. I got the boys ready this afternoon to play in the snow, thinking Paisli and I would watch from the front window since she has a cast, that can't get wet! Well, she had a different idea. As I was searching for matching gloves, which is next to impossible at our house, she came around the corner with her one pink boot on and a hat in her hand. I got tears in my eyes and decided it was time to get creative.

This is what we came up with. I put one of my fluffy pink socks over her cast for warmth, and a gal sized ziploc bag, tucked it up into her snow suit and walla, a makeshift boot! She was thrilled, and I was even more thrilled to find out I didn't have to watch from the window either!

Here she is, ready to dive in! She is wearing Bing's snowsuit from when he was 6mo old, yes so much smaller than her brothers. It is an 18mo snowsuit and it fit both of the boys at 6mo! ugh, how did I handle those monster babies?

It was love at first bite! She literally sat and ate snow the entire time, she couldn't walk so well and I guess the snow was just too appealing! I have to admit, I ate some too! I love how it tastes and our Utah snow has the best wet texture!

Here is a look at our snow from the street! My poor pumpkins, and trees! Our massive tree in the back lost a huge limb, the size of another tree! That will be fun to clean up!

Paisli May on a snow day!

Bingham, joining Paisli!

Both taking a bite!

'Ah! That was good!

He seriously kept getting dumped on by the huge tree above!

Boen ready for a bite!

The boys decided to build a snowman!

Paisli trying so hard to walk!

I guess it was too hard, so she just took a big bite!

Doesn't she look like she has long braids? haha!

I love this kid! He is always happy!

My first born, teaching his younger siblings how to play in the snow. He is such a good leader and example to them!

And oh so handsome!

REady for a snow angel picture mom?

I think this is my favorite picture of him EVER!
Sheer joy!

Snow Angel

Snow Angel

I love the snow dripping off of her face!

Ready for more!

A view from our front yard!

Still eating!

Bing decided to chase me down and throw snowballs at me!

I'd think twice about that Boy!

Boen joined in the fun! I had to set the camera down for a minute, I had to show them who is boss! 
I got 'em good!

I tried to teach her to catch snowflakes with her tongue!

Nope, this is much easier, mom!


But easier!
My cute Bing made the sweetest snowman for the 1st time without an adult, but with a little help from Boen. I love that he used an orange crayon for the nose and two pieces of a black shingle from our roof, sticks for the arms and his hat on top!

Cute boys!


April said...

those are the cutest kids and cutest pictures! I love the make shift boot for Pais. I love how kids love snow!

Sammy said...

oh i miss those mtns, but especially those kids! they are so cute, these pictures are TO DIE FOR! you should frame some. that is so cute and sad that pais wanted to go out so bad, she got all ready, way to be creative so she could go out, that is so sweet. how fun, love those boys and baby pais! so funny bing wore that at 6 mos!

Anonymous said...

She looks very cute in one boot!