Thursday, October 25, 2012

Broken and 20months

I was lucky enough to be able to go on a girls trip with my mom and sisters to Denver to visit my little sister Sammy and her family. It was such a fun trip, but we did have a bit of drama. Of course, since I was out of town Paisli had to break her leg! Oh was I have upset, I bawled my eyes out when Brody told me about it. She had been going down a slide on her Grandma's lap and her leg got caught up underneath. She refused to walk for 4 days. Her Grandma swore there was no way her leg was broken because it was so quick. They didn't take her to the dr until the next day. I called GG and she took her for me. It was 4hrs at the dr and he xrayed it and confirmed that it wasn't broken. I was relieved but concerned that she still wouldn't walk. I knew it was broken, in my gut! I think Mothers just know! I knew that babies are more likely to break a bone then they are to sprain, because they are fully formed like us, you know how babies can eat their toes and put their feet above their heads? I wasn't there and I kept talking myself down. But I knew when I got home, if she still didn't walk I would take her to her pediatrician. That, I did. She said she figured it was broken as well, put it in a splint and said lets xray in two days. It takes time for a break to show up in babies. I said ok, and felt so much better. The original doc's RN from the Ogden Clinic, called later that day, saying there was, infact a break in her leg. I was ok until she said to come see the Ortho and possible surgery. They thought it was at the growth plate. I decided to take her to people I knew. I took her to the Calton/Harrison Clinic. The Dr. Richter specializes in breaks and got us in immediately. He took an x-ray and said he wasn't 100% but that it looked as if there was a fracture in the tibia (big bone). I felt so bad for her. No wonder she wouldn't walk. And no wonder she just kept saying, "OW!" He casted her clear up the thigh for two weeks. Her grandma felt so bad, and we don't blame her. She was just being nice taking her to the park. We chose bright pink, of course! He was so nice and made me feel so much better, I felt like he really understood what I pain this was and how serious it was as well. She needed it stabilized to heal. And now maybe she'd get some sleep, she didn't sleep for four nights/days! We found out it is so common, I swear everyone I talk to either knows someone or has someone in their family that this has happened to. In fact, my cousin's friend's baby had the same thing happen on the same day!

The day I got home we went up to a campsite with Brody's family, and she sat there and watched the other children play. It was heart breaking! The next day was monday and that is when I took her in!

Here is Dr. Richter putting on Paisli's first cast. They even gave Baby Sammy a cast! I felt so bad, she was in so much pain for so many days and now this! 

She looked so darling in her cast, but that is about the only positive thing about it! She was in pain, and so uncomfortable. She didn't sleep well with the cast either, it got stuck in between the bars of her crib, and I think it was just uncomfortable for her. It took almost two weeks for her to sleep and only wake up once a night. She couldn't have baths, just sponge baths. Bathing is her favorite thing, and it is so hard to tell her she can't. I feel so guilty, especially because she doesn't understand why. She started walking in this cast two days before it came off. She turned 20months while I was gone as well. So this is her update for 20months, a broken leg!

She got an icecream cone for being such a brave girlie!

So, after two weeks of misery, she had her leg x-rayed again, confirming a fracture in her tibia, which was pretty long. So, they casted her again. Thank goodness she got the below the knee cast this time. We chose black, since the pink one got so dirty last time, and so it would match her Halloween costume! She walked immediately with this cast and it has finally let her sleep. She tells me it itches and I know she is missing her baths, but this time around it has been easier. Fingers crossed my baby is whole when we go to her appointment on Monday, so we can put this behind us after 4 weeks of misery! She will get a long bath and get to do whatever she would like when that happens! I love this sweet brave girl!

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Sammy said...

poor pais! Seriously i felt so bad, and still do, glad she's doing better and can get her cast off! she looks so cute in it though. seriously breaks my heart, i can't imagine how you must have felt, and you were even here! I would've died if it were me and one of my girls. so sad, poor sweetie pie. she really is so brave though! love her, oh she's the prettiest little girl ever, such a mini amy!