Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was a crazy busy day. I didn't get very many pictures, which makes me really sad! I started the day by waking up and showering and getting ready before the kids needed to get out the door. I got them ready, then sent them to school with treats for their classes. For Boen I drew pumpkin faces on mandarin orange packets. For Bingham I drew pumpkin faces on actual mini oranges! I made a skeleton for a game for Bing's class. I had to run some errands and start the chili for dinner, clean my house, volunteer at Bing's school party, and finish making breadsticks and chili, all while keeping the house semi clean!

Here are the snacks one of the room mothers made. So cute!

Here is the skeleton I made, my friend made a similar one for her halloween party, which was so much cuter, but I was ok with this!

My Grammy came to Bing's class to sing Halloween songs with them. It was way fun!

Bingham is always so proud to show off his little sister and brother. 

Here are my family members, and of course I am never in the pics, I need to remember this! But so cute, we were all classic Halloween characters! 

After having my family and Brody's family over for Chili, fun and dancing, we headed out trick-or-treating! Paisli loved going to the door and telling people thank you after they gave her a treat! We didn't last long, but Brody and Bingham went for about an hour longer than us! All in all a fun day!

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