Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Anniversary of my nephew's birthday!

My nephew, Harrison, was born and passed away 4years ago. Every year we go to his grave on this day to remember him. It is a tribute to his family and how much he has brought to our lives. We do a balloon release and sometimes bring pumpkins, since it was the 28th of October. Boen was exactly three months old when it all went down. It was really hard on me, because April and i are soo close. I bled with my pregnancy and had a baby 3months earlier. I however, stopped bleeding and ended up with placental pools, and she did not stop bleeding. She almost died along with Harrison. I love him so much and cherish my belief in eternal families. To learn more about Harry's story go HERE. If you'd like to learn about Eternal Families, go HERE! I had a good cry the day before his bday, I imagine Boen and Harry being BEST friends. They were going to be so close. I know that one day, they will be best friends. I also know that they were great friends before Boen came to earth! Here are a few pictures of our visit this year:

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