Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paisli May 21months

We love making cookies for Halloween at our house!

This girl loves her daddy, he is wrapped around that tiny little finger!

How can he resist her tho?

She loves to wear hats and loves her Rapunzel baby. She also loved her bottle, baba, but I finally broke down and took it away, right after she got her cast off! It is still hard at nap time, but she was 21mo old! She poops on the potty everyday. She still has no clue about the peepee part, but we'll figure it out soon!

Paisli got her cast off 2 days before Halloween!

It was scary for her, and she is naked cause, imagine this, she threw up on the way to the hospital. Being a mom, that has a Paisli daughter, that throws up about 5 times a week, I should always have an extra pair of clothes with me, but of course not! At least her ears were saved!

And here is Paisli's new appendage! Her boot that is bigger than her and heavier than her! I only made her wear it for about a week. She has done so well with out it. Sorry about the image, it was from my phone!

This is Paisli's favorite thing to do, push our little Gidget around those house, she is the baby!

I love scarves, and Miss Paisli has been wanting one of her own. I just wrapped one of mine, three times around her neck, too cute! Guess I better get making her one of her own!

And good ol' Weber State basketball season has started! We bought season tickets this year. Its gonna be a blast! Miss Paisli was sick, yet again so she couldn't come, so daddy caught her a ball! I guess we better figure out what her problem is. I have been keeping a calendar of her throw ups. It is unreal how much she does it. But, we have run every test ever on her. She has no food allergies and no other problems that we can see. She is so mini, still weighing 20lbs on our home scale, and won't eat a thing. It seems to have gotten worse since she went off her bottle, she need the fat in that milk. I'm really pushing the sippy as much as she'll take it. Anyway, we love our little 21month old and can't believe how fast time flies!

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