Saturday, March 2, 2013

Primary Talk on -Jesus Christ Is Our Savior-

Jesus Christ Is Our Savior
(Boen’s talk Mar 3rd, 2013) –CTR 4-

I have a big brother that lives here on earth,
His name is Bingham I’ve known him since birth.

He is very smart and shows me the right way,
I hope to keep growing and be tall like him some day.

Bingham loves his Legos, sports, and playing wii,
But above all that, he likes to play with me!

We are best buddies though sometimes we fight,
But we always make up and try to choose the right.

I have another brother that I don’t see,
He lives in Heaven, and watches over me.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He is your brother too,
He lived on earth many years ago as the King of the Jews.

Jesus taught the gospel and set an example for me,
He healed the sick and fed the hungry.

He knelt on his knees so he could feel our pain,
Then died on a cross so we could live again.

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