Monday, May 20, 2013

Catch-up from the boys' summer bdays in 2012

Bingham's 6th bday party. I never got to post these pics, they are from my phone! My camera was broken last summer, and I just realized I never did a bday party post for either of the boys! And since they will be having bdays in a few months I better get the last ones documented!

He had a drive-in movie party in our backyard. We had the projector and a sheet for the movie, lights, popcorn, the kids each got to make their own car. Such a fun time!
He watch Treasure Buddies, so my mom made this darling cake!

I hated not having a camera, this is the ONLY pic I have of the cars they made!

And the fuzzy pic of the drive-in in our yard! It was a great party!!!

Now for Boen's Bday Party. He had an Olympic themed bday. We did this because he was born during the Olympic games and then, had his 4th bday during the Olympics. It was so fun! We had our backyard as the Call's Colosseum. 

Boen eating the "Olympic torch"

My bro-in-law trent and Jeff my brother

the Olympic table

After the games Boen gave medals to all of the participants. We played tug-o-war, and threw water balloons at a big target I drew on the tramp.

Boen opening gifts on his actual bday

Boen's 4-wheeler!

We roasted hotdogs in the firepit

Boen was spoiled with gifts!

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