Monday, May 20, 2013

Christmas Traditions

We try to go to SLC each year to see the lights at Temple Square. We went with Brodys parents and rode the train. It was fun, until we wanted to head home and we missed it by minutes. We had to wait for an hour for the next one headed to Ogden. Oh my goodness it was freezing and wet! But up until that point we had fun! The kids love to ride the train!

Of course the Temple was decorated as lovely as ever!

The kids loved the lights, even tho it started to sprinkle on us!

It started raining pretty good, so we headed over to City Creek. The boys love the fish in the creek. Such a beautiful shopping center, I always feel like I am on vacay when I go there. I have been to malls all over the world/country. This is by far the BEST!!! 

Of course we had to go to the Disney Store. Pais loved looking at herself in the mirror. We ate yummy food at the food court. and I love that they brought back the windows at Macey's! They were so pretty!

Paisli knows just what to do in the trax!

We always make a ginger bread house. My kids look forward to these traditions and I do too. Brody helped them a lot this year because I was off comforting a neighbor, who had been in an accident with another neighbor, resulting in her death. Such a rough time. 

Pais showing off her tree!

Daddy putting on the finishing touches!

What is making a Gingerbread house, without eating the icing?


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