Monday, May 20, 2013

Christmas with the Calls

The Annual Call Christmas Party, where Santa comes to visit! We eat dinner and then Santa comes! 

Paisli was a bit nervous when Santa came in. She kept trying to tell everyone Santa, Santa, Santa in a very soft voice. But the other kids were so loud, you could barely hear her. But she was so sweet. 

 Cache and Cheznie were holding hands, it was so sweet!

 Or maybe Chez was holding his hand! haha!

Paisli loved Santa at a safe distance!

Boen was so fun this year at Christmas. He is starting to understand it all which makes it so magical!

And of course Bingham is also at a very fun age. He is so darling and so into knowing all there is to know about Santa and Jesus and the history of Christmas!

The kids performing Jingle Bells

Trying to play Christmas songs with these bells! Can ya tell Angie and I have the same taste? haha! Brighton and Bingham both wore navy and white with jeans, Cheznie and Paisli both wore brown fur vests, and Boen and Cohen both wore red plaid with jeans! haha and maybe you noticed their names, Bingham and Brighton-both high school names, Cheznie and Paisli- both country singer last names, Boen and Cohen-rhyme! haha we are special!

Bing looks too excited!

'Paisli wasn't too sure!

I love how she is trying to get away!

Happy at a safe distance again!

Bo waiting for his turn to sit on the jolly old lap!

Bingham is almost too big at 6yrs to sit on Santa's lap!

Asking for something special! He told me later that he wasn't the REAL Santa. He was a helper cause his beard was fake! haha! Santa can't be everywhere!

Chez was pretty stoked! 

Finally Boen's turn. He was too excited!

Asking for something special!

Cohen's first time on Santa's lap!

Such a sweetie!

Brighton on Santa's lap

All three kids!

Such a cute bunch!

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