Monday, May 20, 2013

More Christmas-with the Speechly side

GG broke her arm walking to her car after playing at the treehouse. Luckily I was there that day and as I was leaving a lady yelled to me to come help and call 911. I looked over, knowing Grammy had just gone that way. I saw her lying in the road. I thought she had been hit by a car. I told the girl she was my Grandma and to go get help. I gave Gram my coat and another girl took my kids into her car ot keep them warm. Grammy had slipped on the ice and broken her shoulder. She was in pain and we didn't know what was causing it at that point tho. I called 911 they came and took her to the ER. I called my mom and she met us there. She was so brave through it all and i finally got a chance to serve her, helping her around her home, curling her hair, helping her get dressed. All she does is serve others and believe me, it wasn't long until she was back out helping others again. At 82 we thought she would retire and be down for good. But she wasn't. She is back at it and has healed miraculously! 

Jeff and his new bride, Meg! on Christmas!

first Christmas together!

Ruby Noel!

Maw boys

Paisli lovin' on Jeff

We have a tradition of the kids doing the nativity.

Paisli as an Angel

Violet another Angel

The Grammy party was two days before the wedding. Down at Aunt Lauri's

GG always give such a nice lesson, she talked about serving others this year.

Here is the gift we got. She makes up her own ideas, she doesn't use pinterest!

Here I am with GG

Cousin Marielle and Sammy chatting away

Marielle Grammy and Conner

Grammy and her three children. She has one more son, but he passed away when he was four, of Luekemia.

Prego April

Savage family

Sammy and Elsie

Bing, Jeff, Violet and Meg gaming in the basement


My cousin, Nic's little boy, Luke

Luke with my cousin Marissa, who is serving an LDS Mission.

My dad, papa holding El

Pais checking out the fish tank

Ruby and Nixon listening to GG

My kids were listening so well. haha

love the photo bombing

Our favorite song to sing since we were children. Must Be Santa

Gram playing away with one hand

The Nativity picture we gave to mom and dad for Christmas

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