Monday, May 20, 2013

Christmas 2012

After all of the festivities on Christmas Eve, we went home to open our Christmas jammies!

Here are the kids modeling them.

It didn't last long tho. Paisli was too excited and wanted to dance in her new nightgown!


It was Christmas morning. Here they are bright eyed!!!

Even our kitty Gidget was coming down to see what we got!

Santa brought Paisli her very own vintage pink kitchen!!!

Boen got switch and go dinosaurs from Santa

'And Bingham got his very own custom made lego box to slide under his bed.
Santa wrote Merry Christmas in Lego's on the top and carved, love Santa on the side!

Paisli wondered why her kitchen didn't have running water like mommy's.

Hey guys, look what I got!

Boen showing off his loot!

Bing showing off his loot!

And Pais showing off her loot!

She is such a dork!
After we opened and played with presents we went to Aunt Debbie's for Christmas brunch. Then to Gramm y and Papa's to spend a couple of hours and eat some more food. Then to Grandma Great's. Then home sweet home. Crazy busy, but sooo fun! I've gotten it down to 2.5hrs with each family on Christmas. Next year it will be 2hrs. I am trying to stay home as much as possible for the kids sake!

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