Friday, May 31, 2013

Paisli turns two!

Miss Paisli turned to January 25, 2013
It has been a crazy ride having a girl in our home. She is so special and so much fun! Paisli is well-rounded, she love to chase the boys, and also dress up all girlie! We gave her this dollhouse for her bday. Its not quite finished, but we are hoping to have it look just like our house!

She also got that cute little horsey! and Madeline dolls to go inside!

Having a bday so close to Christmas, she knew just what to do with presents!

I just love her hair, strawberry blonde and has lots of natural curl. Its getting pretty long and I love to put pig-tails in it. At her two year check-up she weighed 25lbs 30%, 34 in 50%, and head in the 95% haha! She doesn't say too many words, at least that we can understand.

We had a Parisian bday party/Madeline party!

Complete with Crepes

French Macarons, and can I say they are the BEST thing in the entire world?

Parisian decor!

Baguettes and brie

We also had berries and other goodies to fill the crepes!

I forgot to get pictures of the living-room before the party began, but you'll get the idea from this!

I put her 2yr pics on this garland across the fireplace! She was the Center of attention.

Here is the woman of the hour, waiting for her guests!

Daddy even grew a mustache for the party!

She loved her puppy purse from Grandma and Grandpa!

You can tell she was tired, snuggling up to her new jammies!

GG gave Paisli and darling pair of pink Mary Janes and a little bracelet!

April and her family gave Paisli this cute cake set!

Meg and Jeff gave her a backpack for Princesses!

She was always so jealous of the boys and their backpacks!

Grammy and Papa gave her some homemade food for her kitchen, its so dang cute, with I had a picture. I'll have to get some, its a pizza and McDonalds hamburger fries and a shake. And of course clothes!

Here is Paisli reading the Princess books Cassi and Jon gave her. And Nicole and Deek gave her a Hello Kitty book and toys! And Sammy Violet Elsie and Erik sent a Madeline book, very appropriate! And the best part was it came during the party!!!

My mom made Paisi this Madeline cake! Love it! And that is all she wanted all night long!

Paisli and her best little friend, Aybrie! She gave her a Paris piggy bank! Love their Parisian stripes!
It was such a great party! Thanks everyone for making her day so special!

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