Monday, May 20, 2013

Winter Wedding

My baby brother was married in December. He married Megan Reynolds, and we could not have asked for a better girl for him! and for us!!!

Here are my parents with the grandchildren! I love Mr Boen in this picture! Such a stud!

Ruby was off alone while we were at the Temple, just dancing with this umbrella.

Such a good-looking group!

The happy couple coming out of the SLC Temple

Paisli got a special dance with Uncle Jeff

I am totally in love with Megan's dress. It was so beautiful!
And the church was AMAZING, you walked in and seriously felt like it wasn't a church at all.

Brody was starting to get jealous nobody was paying attention to him, so I gave him a quick photo shoot moment!

More of Ru at the temple

My dad and Jeff after the Sealing

Jeff and his new sister-in-law Chloe. Funny that they grew up together and married into the same family!

Handsome boy!

sorry about the order of these. This is as they came out of the temple.

Sammy and El in the freezing cold. It was literally 10 degrees!

Boen was sooo interested in her flowers.

Not sure who this thug is, jk its one of Jeff's besties, Mason!

Love this picture of Meg. He parents decided to kiss while getting their pic taken, and this was her reaction!

The three sisters with Jeff!

He was freezing!!!

Jeff with cousin Marissa

Boen seriously asked questions about everything!

Megan, her sister-in-law Chloe and her mom, Connie, lovely ladies!

The parents of the bride and groom

Bingham digging into the delish food!!!

Jeff and Meg saying hello to her brother, Clark.

Visiting at the reception

Grandma Ruby was able to make the wedding dinner!

Clark and Meg again! So sweet!

Grandma Ruby mom dad Jeff and Megan. I like to think Grandpa Speechly was there. And I know he was in the Temple with us!

Wedding dinner

Jeff said some sweet things and notice my mom crying. Her baby got married!

Cute Meg and Brody!

Grammy didn't get to go to the temple either because of her shoulder. She was so sorry to miss it, but with all of her pain and no one there to help her get dressed she couldn't make it. At least she and Grandma Ruby could make the dinner!

The fab 5! My brother and his great group of friends. They did their own rendition of Jesse's girl (Jeffy's Girl)! It was so great, I couldn't believe, they sang and danced to the entire thing!

Dad and his best friend Brad Lowe

Ruby and Ruby

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