Friday, June 7, 2013

A Cure for Paisli

Miss Paisli has suffered from a teeny tiny baby until a about Valentines Day of 2013, with her tummy problems. She has been throwing up and just sickly, not to mention her liver was not working right. I would wash her car-seat about once a week, her bedding at least twice a week, she was lucky to make it through the day without throwing up on her outfit, so lots and lots of wash for this mama. I always carried an extra outfit everywhere we went. The longest Paisli ever went without throwing up was 3 weeks. I remember thinking, wow she is getting better. But after that three weeks, last November, she started back to her same self. It was just becoming our way of life with Paisli. I would say, that's just how our life is, and was learning to accept it! A dear friend approached me after I complained on facebook. I wasn't so concerned with myself, I was more concerned with my little tiny sickly two year old. She told me about this holistic approach, and having heard of it before, I thought what the heck, I have nothing to lose! I made an appt immediately for Valentines Day and our lives have changed tremendously! We went to see a Chiropractor named Shon Goulding. He specializes in allergy elimination. I have suffered from seasonal allergies my entire life, so this was new to me. It is called NAET or Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. Click here to read about it more in depth! Basically Paisli had allergies to so many things that she put into her body and her basic body balance was off. After about 3 treatments I started seeing so many changes. She has always been so tiny, for my family. What she weighed at 2yrs is what my boys weighed at 1yr. She was delayed in her speech, she was delayed in walking, she was delayed in just about every aspect of her life. She always caught up though. Our wonderful Pediatrician tested every possible problem. We had tried all of the Western medicine approaches.I have known sooo many people with anywhere from immuno-deficiencies to cancer, that have taken a holistic approach that I knew what to do. I am happy to say, Paisli has not thrown up since she had her first Treatment with Dr. Goulding on Valentines of this year! Since Dec, she has gained 5lbs and grown an inch! If you would like more information let me know, I am happy to answer any questions or concerns.
Here I am after one of my treatments. I need to go back, but need to finish Paisli and Boen's treatments first! I'm not made of money!

See the little vile on Paisli's back? Its all a part of the process!

Love my girl and I feel so bad I let her suffer for this long! Happy she is cured!!!

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