Friday, June 7, 2013

Swim Lessons

Miss Paisli before her first swim lessons.

She seemed pretty excited!

Yet, when I put her in the pool, she freaked! It was chilly, and she just wanted me to be in there with her.

This is her trying to give it her bravest face! I had to sit right next to her the entire 4 weeks of lessons. She did really well as long as I was in her site.

As the lessons went on she got to a point where I could sit against the wall at least!

kick kick

so big!

upset again, cause I tried to leave her side!

The 2nd to last day of swimming lessons went great! She finally loved it and enjoyed going under to retrieve toys! It was also Valentines day!

Big jump!

And a sucker for her success!

The boys took lessons to, but I didn't get great pics of them, cause I couldn't get close enough!

Pre-swim lessons! We love WSU swim lessons. I would not take my children anywhere else!

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