Saturday, June 1, 2013

Winter Wonderland {Bear Lake}

Every year we try to get up to Bear Lake in the winter at least once. The past two years we have had our friends, the Blodgetts, come with us. This year the lake was frozen over. We went out and played on it. Here is Paisli sliding along the frozen lake!

I had to get a close-up of the lake. It was so cool looking!

Boen-sticking his arm in the snow!

Here is a picture of the lake, there was a thick blanket of fog over the lake the entire time, so neat!

Paisli checking things out with Daddy!

Here is a picture up above Bear Lake as we were coming down the mountain. It was so beautiful, fresh and blue, but you saw what it was like down under the fog!


Here is the crew heading out to the frozen lake!

Bingham sledding down the big hill!

George Blodgett

Charlie or Lucy, cannot tell from the back! she was haulin'!

Bing heading down the hill again!

Annell taking one of the girls down!

Paisli May!

Annell zippin' down!

This is Andy and one of the girls, crashing! Soooo funny, and nobody got hurt!



Annell and I think Charlie


Here I am about to go down with Bingham and Boen following close behind!

Boen the stud!

Check out those shades!


Brody and me 

Paisli at the Lake

Down at the Lake, the daddies would give the kids sled rides around and around with a rope!

I'm not gonna say that nobody hit their head on the ice and cried, but I think it was worth a few tears!

Lucy watching George!

Boen biffing it hard!

Jack getting a turn!


this is not snow on the trees, they were frozen!

George Ryan enjoying the frozen lake!

Jack cheesin' it!

Andy giving rides!

Boen thinking!

Andy giving rides again!

And again!

Cute bugga-bug!

The girls with Annell slipping around!


Rosey cheeks, it was like two degrees outside!

Jack ran way out onto the middle of the lake!
After all of the freezing activities, we went to the hot tub, ate goodies, watched movies, ate more goodies, played games, did I mention we ate, and just had a great time! Can't wait until next year!

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