Monday, June 3, 2013

February -Cell phone pics!

 We took the kiddos to the zoo of Presidents day weekend. 
It was chilly but oh so fun, and not crowded at all.

We loved the new exhibit, with the seals and polar bears!

Paisli loved the giraffes!

My kids have looong arms, but are so tall! Such cute monkeys!

Brody turned 30yrs this year. All he wanted was a safe for his guns! I went to Sportsman's and picked it out myself! I did a great job, cause he kept it! It was way expensive so we didn't do much else for his bday, but went out to eat! 

We looove Weber State basketball! I've been going since I was a little girl. My parents always get season tickets, so this year we decided to buy them too. I just had to get this cheerleader costume for Paisli! And she looved it!

Paisli with Papa, he loves his WSU!!!

My little boys are so into drawing. This is a cleaver drawing that Bingham did! I wanted to remember it!

This winter we got dumped on! I felt like I was a kid again, we haven't had this much snow in years!

Paisli loves when Charlie and Lucy come to play! Especially in the snow!

Miss Paisli has been wanting to potty train since about 18mo. I just put her on during the day and she finally perfected it back in Jan. I had to show a shot of her cute bum in her princess panties!

This is Paisli's Valentine for her friends!

Bingham's Valentines he gave to his class! And Boen did the same this for his class!

Bingham started piano on Valentines. He has gotten so good since then. This is Paisli playing while he gets his lesson! She is in her cute pjs that I found the day before for $3!

We got the kids some cute little things for Valentines, the DVD Hotel Transilvania, they each fot some treat and a book too!

I got these beautiful flowers and Coach sunglasses from my Valentine. I helped with Bing's class party, and we had a pizza party and watched a movie! And of course exchanged treats!

Another shot of Miss Paisli on Valentines!

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