Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bingham's 7th Birthday Morning

We always open presents first thing on their actual birthday.

He wears these BYU shorts Every Single Day! Not even kidding!

So handsome even with his toothless grin!

His new book from the treehouse series. He loves those!

Popular Bday Boy

Hmmm why would one need a bike lock?

And a drink holder?

What? Maybe because they are getting a brand new bike! In his favorite color!!!
Happy Birthday my miracle boy, my first love! We are so blessed to have you especially after all you went through. You birthday reminds me of all the pain and suffering we went through to get you here and keep you here. And the first year in and out of PCMC. Yet most of all I remember how much I loved you in that first moment. I was obsessed with you and new all I ever needed in life were kids, you did that to me! love you Bingham Brody!!!

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