Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bingham's Lego Birthday Party (friend party)

Bingham is obsessed with Legos. He loves to build new sets and use his old sets to create new creations.
I made Lego head plates out of square yellow plates then cut up another plate to make the tops. And let the kids draw their own Lego face on the plate.

So, of course he just had to have a Lego party. He made this "7" and the fork holder for the party!

I used baby food jars and spray painted them as the prizes. I drew faces with a sharpie and filled them with Lego candy. Thanks Pinterest!

As the kids came they got to draw the faces on the plates.

Boen even got to create a Lego face!

the birthday boy, Bingham!

My mom made the Lego head cake and boy was it delish!

I found these juice box covers from pinterest!

My big 7yr old! He designed his own cake and my mom whipped it up!

Such a fun group of boys!

We played Legos Bingo

Bingham made out like a bandit!

This pic makes me teary! This is Bingham's friend that just moved away to Alabama. We miss him a bunch!

Ben and Bing

The other game we played was find the Lego guy. I hid a tiny Lego guy in our huge backyard. It took forever for them to find it. The first to find it got a Lego packet. Then they all got a Lego guy to take home! Such a fun Lego party!!!

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