Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Boen's Fifth Birthday

Why do kids have to grow up? My Mr. Boen is 5! He got this awesome Batman backpack for Kindergarten.

He is really into sharks and got an awesome shark squirter. We have always said he has shark or vampire teeth so maybe that is what started this. Not really sure!

He is the sweetest most loving child. He still loves to snuggle and always wants to make people happy and laugh. And the laughing part almost always leads him to get into trouble. haha. Naughty little entertainer.

My parents always say he is the funniest kid they've ever met. He loves turbo so we had to get him this flash light/racer!

He got some back to school clothes, not a favorite of his but its nice for me!

And of course he needed some Planes!

Such a handsome smart little boy and this Leap Pad really helps with that.

Boen's darling Turbo cake my mom made! She is so talented and always out-doing herself! It is not only darling but soooo yummy!

Here he is with Grammy.

We had a little family party with cake and ice cream since his actual birthday was on Sunday!

So glad to have these boys with summer bdays. It is always nice to have a big party in the yard! Even if it is 100 degrees!

I love his reaction to his gifts! Such a goofball!

I don't let the boys have Legos until they're 5 and so that is mostly what he got!

Boen is such a big kid and sometimes its hard to recognize because he isn't as big as Bingham. But he is still off the charts in every aspect! Boen is 46 1/2in. and weighs 48lbs at 5yrs! He knows all of his alphabet and the sounds. He knows his numbers and can count upwards of 20! Ready for Kindergarten if you ask me! So happy to have this boy in our life! He is always a joy to be around and can always make ya smile. He has the most beautiful eyes and lashes! He has a smile that can melt your heart. and just enough baby chub left over to keep him squishy. He still likes to lay down and watch a movie every afternoon and falls asleep about two to three times a week. He is a picky eater and love chocolate more than anything! He loves animals and creatures and loves to draw. He is getting very detailed in his drawings. I will have to share some of those. A  young artist! Love you my Buggy!

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