Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby #4

We are so excited to be having another munchkin around our house. My due date is April 8th and since I have c-sections, I'm scheduled for April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool's Day. I think that would be a fun birthday, but I doubt I'll make it that far, I haven't yet. I'd be happy with a 38wk baby! But we shall see, maybe 4th one's the charm and will stay in longest for cooking! I'm just afraid I'd get a ten-pounder!!! I found out I was pregnant 3days after I was 4weeks, and of course the day I found out we were headed up camping for the night. I was fine to do it, but about an hr before we left I started bleeding. Heart-broken to say the least. I figured it was an early miscarriage. But that lasted about two days and I seemed fine after that. I took another test to be sure and sure enough still pregs! 
I told my family at 5wks. I was sick and spend a lot of time with them so I spilled the beans, so they didn't think I was lame. This is unusual for me, I usually tell 12-15wks. I went to the doctor at 8wks and was over-joyed to see my little bean. There isn't anything that makes you instantly feel better than seeing that little baby inside of you. I have been quite pukey and nauseous. 
Upon telling people about the pregnancy, I get a lot of mixed reactions. I haven't had the best pregnancies, to say the least, but hey if NieNie can do it, so can I. I certainly don't have it as bad as her. I bled with Boen and had some scares with him, but he turned out fine. Then I spent 10weeks in bed while pregnant with Paisli, it was surely a tough thing for me and for my kids and Brody. As well as my mom and Grammy who spend every free minute at my house cleaning, cooking, doing wash, and tending to the kids. Yet, Paisli and Boen were worth every minute of what I (we) went through. I had a horrid delivery with Bing and c/s and probably the worst pain you can imagine, but I think I can do it just one more time. If I didn't have c/s I would have at least two more. Anyway, we want a baby, we have prayed long and hard about it and knew it was time. We couldn't be happier. If you aren't happy about this baby then you don't get to snuggle it, haha.
Our kids are thrilled Paisli has named it Meow Meow. I want a boy because it seems like forever since I had a baby boy, but then I want another girl, because every girl needs a sister. So to be perfectly honest we'd be happy with either! The names we like are to the right of this post. When we find out what we are having I will narrow it down and do a post about the names, and what we like about them. 
Sorry about the long post, its for posterity! 

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