Monday, October 7, 2013

We're Going Camping (song from Strawberry Shortcake when I was little)

Brody is a huge camper, I however, am not. I like the idea of going and being in nature. I just don't like to sleep on hard things and I certainly don't like to freeze to death in my sleep or lack of sleep as it were! Paisli and I slept most of the night together in a sleeping bag and I don't sleep well when I'm being touched. But she finally slept when she was warm next to me.
Lincoln's first camping trip hanging out on Grammy's lap!

Paisli loving her boyfriend, Uncle Trent

Grammy and Papa with Lincoln waiting for our foil dinner's to cook!

Hudson, I managed to get a picture of everyone but April and Bingham. Brody took my boys up fishing and I so I didn't get pics of them until the next day and still not one of Bing. And i think April was avoiding the camera!

Ruby and Paisli and notice I have a ton of Paisli. WE were right next to a river so I followed her around like a hawk! She had to wear her rainboots because she didn't want the scratchy grass touching her legs.

Finny and Paisli


Down by the river!

Silly girlie!

Boen and Ruby looking for wild animals.

As we were leaving we had some music to dance for a bit!

Paisli loves to boogie with Papa and grammy!

She is so entertaining! All in all a fun time at the Farr's cabin. Next time I will bring more blankets! Hey at least we had a potty inside and a fridge. Can't complain too much!

We will go again next summer, maybe... We'll have a new baby!

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Sammy said...

so fun, i remember going up there vaguely, probably mostly from the pictures of us up there, but it was the best! I do remember going down ther river though. so fun! cutest family!