Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas so far!

Paisli is my little sugar plum fairy! She dances everywhere she goes! She takes up the street at our friends home. She does an amazing job with these girls! Paisli cannot get enough. I just had to get a little pose today before dance class! She goes around the house saying, "first position, plea (sp?), and jetay (sp?). Anyway she looooves it! Totally opposite of her mama!

Paisli sat on Santa's lap at the ward party on Saturday. She wasn't scared a bit, and we were all stunned. We thought we'd have to fight her to get up there. Nope, she just marched on over there by herself and posed for some pictures. She asked Santa for a Princess Sofia Dress. How could she be denied with that cute little smile?

Mr. Boen is getting so big! He seemed a little nervous. I think he knows Santa sees everything, hahaha or hohoho! Boen asked for a toy dragon. haha, thats a new request! But Santa was sweet and said be good and we will see if you get it.

Bingham will have to have Santa sit on his lap next year. Poor guy, he is only 7, promise! He asked Santa for some Pirates of the Caribbean Legos. Which he changes the kind of Legos daily. So lets see what old Saint Nick comes up with!

Bingham has been working so hard on his Christmas piano recital songs. He didn't make a single mistake, had the right rhythm and everything. He is so OCD we wouldn't expect anything less! haha, but he hasn't even been taking a year and is do amazingly! I'm so proud of him and how hard he worked to get to this point! He played Angels We Have Heard On High and Jolly Old St. Nicholas! Can't wait for more!

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