Friday, December 6, 2013

My Birthday and Thanksgiving

For my birthday this year Brody and I decided to go to stay at the Grand America. We ate so much yummy expensive food and had a little vacation, thinking this will be the last time in at least a year to get away. Thanks to my mom, Grammy, and Brody's mom for helping with our kids. We ate fillet minion, and scallops for dinner at the Grand America. We had brie and fruit for a snack. And we couldn't skip our favorite Parisian shop in the Grand America to get some delicious French macarons. The next morning we ate brunch in the grand buffet! It was divine of course. Then we shopped at City Creek. It was a nice little getaway for my 31st bday! Yes, wow when did I get this old? My goodness, I still feel like I just graduated from high school! Wish I looked that way.

This year we had Thanksgiving for my bday dinner at my moms the sunday before Thanksgiving. It was soooo amazing! We had all of our family except Sammy and Erik and their girls. My parents spent the actual holiday with them in CO. We missed them, but still managed to have a great Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all!

On the tuesday before thanksgiving Bingham had a weird sore above his front tooth. We are lucky enough to have Brody's uncle, Brett, who is a dentist. He got him in right away. He had a infection that was coming from his fused (double tooth) half of the tooth was ready to fall out the other half was holding strong. It was creating havoc! So Brett pulled the tooth and Bingham had no clue at all! He just watched tv and chilled. Now we have to get him into my Uncle Greg, the oral surgeon, to take out his other front tooth and the other baby tooth next to it, due to the adult teeth coming in and a curious third almost curly tooth that doesn't belong anywhere. So strange! So, we are headed down there next month to get those taken out! Lucky for Bingham the tooth fairy brought him $2 for his double tooth and in the next month he will get $2 more for his others that will be taken out! Wonder if he'll get a dollar for that extra tooth? We shall see!

We woke up Thanksgiving morning, watched the parade and got dressed up to head to Brody's Aunt and Uncle Moyes' home! The food was amazing again! We had sooo much! Angie and Scott weren't there and it made it sad again to have family that lives out of town. Grandma great Call made two turkeys and two hams. They were so good, falling off the bone. I ate so much food and don't regret it a bit! After dinner we went with out little family to the movie Frozen. It was so darling. Paisli sat through the entire thing, which has NEVER happened before. WE loved the music so much and have the cd now to sing all the time, with! All in all a great holiday!

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