Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Call Party

We always have a Christmas Party with Grandma and Grandpa Great Call. We had it at the church this year and ate food, played games and Santa came! Here are my kids waiting for Santa to come in!

Santa wanted the kids to sing Jingle Bells.

Then the moment they were waiting for, telling Santa what they want. Paisli asked for a Sofia the First Princess dress and doll.

I think she thought it was in that little bag. haha

Bingham asking Santa for some Legos. I always feel so bad for him. He is so huge it looks like a 10yr old is up there begging for gifts. but no he is 7 and can ask all he wants. 

Such a cutie!

Boen decided he wanted to ask Santa for a dragon. Santa always has his work cut out for him!

Paisli saying thank you to Santa!

Boen and Bing following shortly behind to thank him as well.


This Christmas was the BEST yet! So magical and special. Perfect ages, 7 5 and 3!!!

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