Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The GG Party, formally known as the Grammy Party

Paisli trying to make Elsie sit still for a picture at the GG party. We started the night off right with enchiladas salsa beans and mexican food galore! Delish as usual.

Violet didn't want to look at me either!

The cute kiddos waiting for GG to start the singing!

Jeff Meg and Mr. Lincoln

Grammy/my mom with Elsie who still won't hold still!

Sammy and Erik all the way from Denver!!! haha and look at Heather's face in the background! goofball!

Boen holding Paisli so she would listen. and cute Finn who sat through the entire program. Such a sweety!

Huddy and Bing too grown up for this stuff. haha

We always sing Must be Santa, its the greatest!

Who wears a long cap on his head? Must be Santa, must be santa, must be santa, santa claus!

Aunt Lauri helping the kiddos up front while GG plays the piano!

GG's lesson. Short and sweet. She is holding up a picture of her son Bart that passed away at the age of four to Leukemia. So sad, but she is an amazing woman and example to all of us!

We ended the night with gifts from Grammy. She gave each family a book of Aesop's fables and a few other treasures! Always a great time!

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