Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paisli at OHS Dance Clinic

Paisli got knocked over before the performance and they wouldn't let her come see me because it was about to start, so she didn't dance. They also moved her from next to her little friend and the little girl next to her wouldn't hold her hand like they were supposed to at the beginning, so she was just off her game. She just stood there. It was heartbreaking because she knew the dance so well. She was so excited for days! But with little ones you have to be consistent and those young girls don't know that! She was certainly the cutest dancer out there. or should I stay stander? But honestly it was so cute and didn't matter to us! So, after we took her to Farr's Fresh for a frozen yogurt! My little sweety!

Monday, June 23, 2014


The last few weeks before Baylor was born, we tried to do some fun things with the kids. We went to Layton Surf n Swim. It is in a big bubble in the winter and the kids loved it. I did too! Being pregnant your belly gets heavy so it was nice to let it be weightless in the water!

Sochi Olympics

We love the Olympics! We had an Opening Ceremony party at April's house! The kids ate Olympic food and made some glasses and torches! 

We definitely watched a lot of tv during those weeks!

Brody's 31st Bday

Brody turned 31 this year! I made him this Mtn Dew cake and we celebrated at home with cake and ice cream. We also went ot dinner. It was fun! Happy bday hubsand!


I helped in Boen's class for Valentines. It was fun! He has really blossomed in school. Such a social little guy and everyone love him and say that he is their best friend! Paisli enjoyed this party too as you can see!

Getting large

Boen's Valentines

and Bing's Valentines! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paisli's three year check up

Grammy gave Paisli this Elsa nightgown. It came in the mail a few days late!

So pretty!

Also, a few days after her bday we went to her 3yr check up. She brought some friends for support!

Just before the dr came in.

Such a sweetie pie! She weighed 31lbs 50%, 38in tall 75%, it was exciting having her grow so much this past year! My sweet healthy girl!

Waiting for her finger prick to check her iron.

She wasn't too thrilled about it. They gave her a bandaid and that didn't last long. She is not a fan of those. She chose to watch it bleed instead. Which, was not a great idea. She saw the blood and said her tummy hurt. I laughed it off. We got up to leave and she said she was going to throw up. I ran her into the bathroom and she did throw up and almost passed out. She turned completely pale and just laid in my arms. The nurse brought apple juice and we giggled at what a little princess this girl was. Too funny, faint at the site of blood! Definitely not her mama!

And here is a picture she drew of Elsa. I loooove it! This is the best stage in life!

Back in January... the boys had some work done on our teeth!

I took the boys to the Dentist, Uncle Brett. Bingham had what looked like an absess. We got him in that day and found out it was a tooth trying to grow in that was infecting the gums because the tooth below was Bingham's double or fused tooth. (two teeth fused together) One side was ready to fall out, but the other still had its full root system. So, Uncle Brett pulled it out. Bingham didn't even realize, Brett is that good! The next part was worse, he sent us to my Uncle Greg to have some other work done. 

Bingham getting ready to have some more teeth pulled to make room for his permanent teeth. There was an extra tooth that was just hanging out in his gums, causing all kinds of problems. It was sideways as you can see below. Uncle Greg is an Oral surgeon. He had to go up inside his gums and dig it out! Yuck and ow!

Bingham's shark teeth!

Bingham after the surgery. He was sad and in a bit of pain, but mostly I think it was the drugs causing the grief! He healed up so nicely and was better within hours!

Thanks Uncle Brett and Uncle Greg!

Boen also went to Uncle Brett's office for a check up and we found out he had a cavity. His wasn't for lack of brushing, it was due to how his teeth were formed, or something like that!

Getting the work done!

All done and no pain!

After he got to pick a treasure and this is what he got! See, no pain!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Paisli turns three!

Third birthdays are super fun! Especially in January and the theme is Frozen!

Boys don't love getting clothes, but Paisli sure does!

She begged and begged for Rapunzel and her horse!

After a fun day of opening presents and going to swimming lessons we set up for the Frozen party! 

Baby Anna even got to come!

We do family parties for the kids until they turn 5yrs. Its special to have Grandma and Grandpa Great, Grandma and pa Dogu, GG, Grandma and pa Call, and Grammy & Papa! Not too many kids have so many Grandparents to spoil them!

She was sooo serious while opening her beloved gifts!

Paisli wanted Anna as her cake, lucky for her, my mom make the greatest cakes in the world! Hollicake are amozing to look at and to eat!

Seriously she was obsessed and talked about it for days, weeks and probably years!

She got the frozen dolls and was pretty stoked they were twinners!
Happy Bday my love! You are so special to us being our only girl! We love you spunk and sass just as much as your sweet loving personality! I love that you are so into fashion and love to shop with me! Daddy loves that you are obsessed with him. You love Frozen more than anything singing the songs and getting to go to the movies to see it a few times! I love that you are so girlie, yet can keep up with your brothers and hold your own! xxoo baby girl!