Friday, January 30, 2009

6 month stats and cute pics!

Boen modeling his bandaids, from his 6mo shots

Look at those rosy cheeks

Bing's fav spot to watch TV. Just like a cat.

Bingham won't hold still so I could get a picture.

Still not holding still.

Bingham loves wearing Brody's socks when he takes them off after work!

Boen went to the doctor yesterday morning for his 6month check up! He is in perfect health! We are so blessed and so happy. This is something new to us, since every time we went with Bingham to the doc his first year we were sent to Primary Childrens. At his 6month check-up we told her that his left arm seemed to not function as well as his right. We already new he had Horner Syndrome and with that comes many other possible problems, such as Klempke's Palsy. Which explains his left arm function. She needed to make sure he didn't have tumor causing both of these. I was horrified!!! Well, we went down to PCMC and he had to be put under to have an MRI. With that they sent us home and told us nothing! I figured everything was fine! Well, it wasn't. We got a call later that day from our pediatrician telling us that there was a problem, I was freaking out! I was so mad that let us go home without telling us. Bingham's left carotid artery was missing. It feaked me out! We had to go for a CAT scan to see if he had enough blood flow to his brain. After that test we found out that he did and he should be fine. He also has a heart murmur, we just have to check it every now and then and always be careful with his right carotid artery. Bingham always has to stay in shape and eat healthy, so he doesn't clog his only artery to the brain, and not play that stupid pass out game where you choke yourself, he could die in an instant. Our pediatrician says that due to the rough delivery she believes his carotid artery was probably torn and that is why he had so many problems in the NICU and during his first year. So, that is why we are so thankful when we get a good report from the doctor!
Boen's stats at 6 months are: ht.28inches 95%
wt.18lbs 9.5oz 75%
head 46.5cm 95%
My big boy! So much chub!


Sammy said...

What a chunk. I remember all that with Bing, that was so terrible! He seems to be doing so well though now, but still scary and have to watch out! Love those boys

April said...

I love those rosey cheeks. I bet it is such a relief for Boen to be healthy. But look at Bingham now, you'd never know. Love them both.

Erik and Candace said...

I remember you going through that with Bingham, I felt so bad. I'm soglad he is such a healthy and smart boy! Shots are no fun, especially when it gives them those cute little rosy cheeks. I'm glad he was healthy and everything looked good!

Harris Family said...

Your boys are so darling.. we need to hang out now that we are back from vacationing all month long.. ahhh it feels good to be home! I just took Autumn to hers as well this week. I still need to make sometime to post all about it. Love Ya