Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Park City

Monday we decided to head up to Park City to star search and enjoy the Holiday. Brody is also expanding a bit up into that area for work. Nobody was covering it so he thought, "Hey! I could do it!"

So, anyway we went to search for stars on Main Street and spotted a few. I don't like to bother people so I didn't get any pictures, (well actually I don't like to make them think they are cool.) Chris Katan almost ran into my stroller and was very polite and said sorry and excuse me. When I looked up I said, "No problem." and we smiled at each other. It was soooo funny! I think he is a riot, and to be a nice, polite person on top of it is wonderful! "'Guys want some cookies?"

We also saw Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen, not sure which, she looked very pretty and had herself together though. She also was very hip with her big framed glasses, big boots and little puppy dressed in a darling sweater, which was her cutest accessory, I might add!

Then we saw Oprah's designer guy. He was dressed for the races like always and seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Right before dinner I saw that Indian guy from Dances with Wolves getting his picture taken by some fans. He too, almost ran into me entering the restaurant. But he just smiled and backed around me. Man, was I a dork getting in the way of all the stars with my big ol' stroller. Just kidding, I thought it was funny, Welcome to Utah! :)

We went to our Hotel after dinner and swam for a bit, then watched some tube until we fell asleep. The next morning we went to the Outlets to shop. I found some great clothes for little Boen. I didn't find anything I like for Bingham though. Oh yah, Brody and I also got a killer deal on snow pants at Quick Silver. Mine are white and his are black!

Well, after the shopping we went to a few doctors offices and the boys watched "Horton Here's a Who," or as my dad calls it "Whoton Here's a Whore," and then just headed back home... It was a fun little get away. Oh by the way, I messed up a bit on my diet, but can ya blame me? The Chocolate Factory is on just about every corner in Park City. We all split a Carmeled Apple he he!


Amy said...

How fun! I'm glad you guys had a fun getaway! I love Chris Katan, too! "I should buy a boat!"

Erik and Candace said...

That is so fun, I would have been so star-struck! We just got 'Horton hears a Who' for Christmas and we love it. I'm glad you had a fun family trip, those are nice. I loooove the Chocolate Factory, my parents always bring us the caramel/white chocolate/cin-sug ones, they are delectable!

King Family said...

Oh my gosh how much fun! I need to get my butt up there and see me some celebs. And who can stay on a diet anyways, I always start on Monday morning and end on Monday afternoon!

Dave n Bre said...

So fun!! Gotta love the Chocolate Factory!! I too can't pass it up! :o)
So sorry about your two bummer owies!! OUCH!! Poor bing and your cute new puppy!!

Jackie said...

You Saw NATE!?!?!? Oprah's Nate!?!?! I totally would have made a scene!! I LOVE him to death! That is so fun! I've been dying to go!!! But I've year eh! SOO fun! :) LOVE the choco fac. too!

April said...

Sounds fun wish we could've come. NO worries on the choco you have to splurge every now and then.

Luke and Erin said...

What a fun little get away out of the shomg. I think I am need of a weekend away!