Monday, November 8, 2010

November 7th, 2010-I'm thankful for...

Erik and Trent along with my hubby Dad and kids!

My brother Jeff in Ghana!
(And I don't even have a pic of my brothers in law, something I need to get on!) brother! Yes, my one and only brother, Jeff! I love my little brother Jeff, although he is 8yrs younger than me, I am very close with him. He is such a great example to me. Jeff has the kindest heart you will ever, I mean EVER meet. He does not like to fight with anyone, tease, maybe, but not fight! He is serving an LDS mission in Cape Coast Ghana Africa. I went there for a service mission 6+yrs ago. We have that special thing in common. When he got his call I thought for sure they were making it up. I just bawled an so did he. I tried to tell him what to expect, although a few miles away from where I served we got to visit some of the same place go to the same Temple and travel the same roads. I am so thankful that he has chosen to serve the Lord and bless our family as well as the families of Ghana! I look forward to meeting the new sister he will bring into our family one day and the kids as well! He is so close to my husband and my children, I can't wait to see him again and let him meet our new addition, coming soon! I am thankful he is such a good example to my boys! I am thankful that I have my brother Jeff-I love you Jeff! I am also thankful that I have five brothers-in-law! Yes, 5! Trent and Erik married my sisters, we have so much fun together traveling, hanging out, teasing, watching sports, etc! They are good to my sisters, and nieces and nephews, and I am thankful for that! My three other brothers-in-law are married to my sisters-in-law! I am lucky to have a doctor to be, Scott, who is so smart and fun! Derrik, who is always on the go, with something exciting and fun! and last but certainly not least my newest brother-in-law Jon! He is such a great asset to our family and so great to Cassi, he and Brody get along really well which is fun for me! Anyhoo, I'm thankful for my Brothers!!!

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